Derelict or Abandoned Property

derelict or abandoned property for sale

Derelict or Abandoned Property

Location Property Type(Detached/Outbuildings /with land/etc) No. of Beds Price
Inverness Abandoned 5 bed house with land 5 £47k
Sheffield Derelict 3 bed semi detached house 3 £71k
Lincoln 4 bed semi - lots of work required. 4 £80k
Gloucester 3 bed detached house - abandoned for sale. 3 £95k

It is important to make full and proper enquiries when you come across a derelict building or abandoned property you would like to purchase. Although the building may look empty or even be a ruined building, do your best to make sure you stay on the right side of the law. For example, never walk around someone else's private property without permission. Sometimes when you see potential in a ruined building or an empty house it can be very exciting, but it tales a little effort to make simple enquiries to find out who owns the property. Call at the local post office or try asking a neighbour in a nearby property. Never assume the property is up for sale just because the building appears empty or ruined.

Finding Derelict Property For Sale

Derelict buildings come in all shapes and sizes and your choice is governed by the type of place you wish to live or indeed your intentions with the derelict property you purchase. You may wish to purchase a renovation property to either live in yourself or to renovate in order to turn a profit. Perhaps you have seen the ideal empty building in the city or town of your choice and would consider renovating it into the perfect home whilst for others the dream is to find the idyllic rural property for sale.

Finding the empty building of your choice depends on these factors. If you are searching for rural properties for sale then simply take a drive in the countryside in the area you wish to live. Many empty properties are not even listed on the market as property for sale. When you see one don't get too excited, it may not be for sale at all. If you do find a derelict rural property for sale then approach the owner carefully and politely. Make a general enquiry about the building and find out if there is a possiblility the owner may be interested in selling. Don't push things though, give the owner of the building time to mull things over. If you are patient you may end up aquiring the derelict property you always wished for.

Derelict Property For Sale In Scotland

Scotland has it's own legal system and this also applies to all property sales and property rentals. When buying a property in Scotland the system allows for the purchase of assets via both an estate agent and directly from the property owner. In the latter case the purchase is conducted under Scots Law and in both the proerty purchaser and the seller must have legal representation.

It is also common when buying property in Scotland to see the 'offers over' method of selling. Essentially this is a sealed bid process where you have no idea what other people are offering for the hous eor building. The seller reviews the offers and takes the one best suited to his needs. If he receives two close offers on a house for sale and one is cash and the other pending finance, he may wish to opt for the cash purchase. However, you are free to offer the seller any price, not just an offer over. This sometimes confuses people from England who are buying property in Scotland.

Property Legal Advice

All our articles on buying derelict property for sale, buying renovation properties for sale, rural properties for sale and other articles such as unoccupied property insurance are for guildance only. Before buying any house for sale consult your solicitor or lawyer for firm legal advice. Never sign a property agreement without taking legal advice.

Buying Derelict Property For Sale