Rural Property For Sale

rural property for sale

Rural Property For Sale

Property Location Rural Property Type (Detached/Outbuildings /with land/etc) No. of Beds Price
Northamptonshire Rural 5 bed house needing work 5 £87k
Scarborough 3 bed detached rural location 3 £65k
Bodmin Devon property with large plot of land 4 £100k
Ipswich 4 bed rural location outside Ipswich 3 £97k

Living an idyllic life in the countryside has a natural attraction for many of us and these days more and more people are searching for rural property for sale to make their countryside dreams come true. Everything from agricultural bars to water mills for sale are being bought by an ever increasing number of us who want to escape the stress and congestion of city life and exchange it for a more peaceful life in the country. However it is well worth pausing for a moment before you buy the first rural property for sale that you see, for a number of reasons. Owning a house in the country is wonderful but there are some issues you should consider before investing in your dream home.

If you are a city dweller it is very easy to dream about having a beautiful home in the country, far away from the mayhem of living in highly populated areas. We often thing about owning a beautiful rural property and waking up in the morning, wandering into the garden with a cup of tea and admiring the surrounding countryside. This is often the case for those of us who do actually own a house in the country but some are disappointed with what the originally imagined would be an idyllic life. Why is this? It is often because they never put enough consideration into some vital factors before buying their country house or perhaps rushed into a puchase when a rural property for sale came on the property market.

Rural Property - Living In The Countryside

People who live in the cities often get frustrated with the busy life and as mentioned before often dream about selling their house and buying another house in the country. This is perfectly fine as long as you take some vital points into consideration. For example, have you lived in the coutryside before and if not, would you be prepared to do so? How about being further away from shops and schools, having less people around, waiting longer for tradesmen such as plumbers and carpenters, having to buy more groceries in advance, the need for transport? These are all factors that should be carefully considered before investing in a country home. Buying a rural property for sale can be a wonderful experience but is ofen let down by a lack of thought when it actually comes to living in the country.

Sometimes people are blinded by what can seem an incrediby good deal on the housing market with no afterthought to the realities of living in the place where the property is located. For example, lets assume you see the perfect rural property for sale such as a derelict property, renovation property, windmill for sale, barn for sale, etc. You purchase the property and turn it into your home. How well do you blend in to the community? Do you get on well with the local people? it sounds like a silly question but it's very real. A recent case I know of personally involved a woman from London who bought a rural property in the highlands of Scotland. After spending a lot of money renovating the property it was beautiful and belonged in a picture book. An old water mill surrounded by mountains and just one mile from a small village. Unfortunately this woman did not just move her belongings into her new property, she also moved her London attitude. After two years she sold her country property and moved back to the city. It wasn't the locals who were in the wrong, it was her. When in Rome as they say, always respect the local people.

Buying Rural Properties For Sale

Take as much time as you can before you consider your country house purchase. It may not even be a house, you may be planning to renovate a derelict property such as an old water mill, or buy a windmill for sale, or possible and more commonly invest in a barn for sale. It's a lot of work and every step has to be planned to a tee, right down to every last building contractor and tradesman. Investigate the area thoroughly and decide if this part of the countryside is realy where you wish to live. Just because you see the perfect rural property on the market it doesn't mean it would be a perfect area for you to live. Buying a house in the country means moving your life there too.

Rural Property Renovation

Take care when you look for a rural property to renovate, it can be time consuming and very expensive. Don't be a daydreamer when you see the windmill for sale, try to plan things property and objectively. Renovating a property can be a mini minefield and it's very easy to run over budget and over time and this is usually the case. If it's going to take every last penny you have to renovate a derelict property on the market perhaps you should think twice. You must allow a safety fund or contingency fund to cover extra expenses with materials, tradesmen, labour and professional fees.

A Word About Rural Living

If you are serious about moving to the country then buying a property for sale in the countryside can bring rewards that are simply unavailable to those living in large towns or cities. When you find a rural property then stop for a moment and take a good look at the area. Talk to some locals and find out the ups and downs of living in that part of the countryside. Be prepared to become part of the community, go to the local pub for a drink and get to know some people. This can have many benefits as more often than not, once the local people are on your side every aspect of buying a rural property for sale becomes easier, such as getting to know tradesmen, planning officers, local council officials and even other empty properties that may not be on the market.

If you wish to purchase a rural property simply to commute but isolate yourself from the local community, think again.

Rural Properties For Sale

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