Abandoned Property For Sale Scotland

Investing in abandoned property for sale in Scotland can be extremely profitable. With many derelict properties, isolated cottages, and abandoned churches available

abandoned property in Scotland

Abandoned Property in Scotland

Buying abandoned property for sale in Scotland can yield very promising results. From isolated cottages to empty churches, many different types of abandoned properties are available.

Abandoned cottages and derelict buildings in remote areas have become increasingly expensive to buy. For example, in recent years, it has been possible to buy an abandoned cottage in the Scottish highlands for £30,000. Today, that same cottage could cost you £150,000 before any renovation costs.

Most derelict property for sale in Scotland are not listed on estate agent websites. Instead, buyers need to visit the area they are interested in and drive around looking for abandoned properties.

Try to stay away from areas that have become too popular as far as the property market is concerned.

Buying abandoned property for sale Scotland

With a population of just under six million, Scotland is two-thirds the size of England. Unlike their comparatively overcrowded southern neighbour, the Scots have a better land area to population ratio. In practical terms, this means that anyone looking for a derelict property for sale in Scotland has a good chance of finding one.

There are many different types of property to choose from, from abandoned cottages, derelict buildings, and empty churches for sale in the countryside to empty properties in cities like Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, and Dundee.

This article will look at the different types of derelict property for sale in Scotland, what you can expect to get for your money, and some of the best places to look for abandoned buildings, farms, and houses throughout the country.

Abandoned Highland cottages for sale

When people think of derelict properties for sale in Scotland, they usually think of isolated or lonely cottages like the one shown below. Disused and abandoned buildings in Scottish cities and towns, on the other hand, are worth exploring. So if you’re looking for a derelict property, keep an open mind and think about the kind of life you want to lead.

We have a dedicated post about abandoned highland cottages for sale.

Many isolated cottages in Scotland are good candidates for renovation properties and can often be bought for a fraction of the price of a house that can be lived in. In other words, searching for isolated cottages for sale in Scotland can be highly effective.

The benefit of purchasing a country cottage or house is that the purchase price is likely to be significantly less than the purchase price of a typical property. The disadvantage is that the property may be located in a remote area, and you must be prepared to deal with the difficulties associated with living there

Abandoned property for sale in Scotland

Although abandoned property can be found in Scotland, the recent trend of purchasing isolated cottages and derelict buildings in remote areas has driven up the price.

Two decades ago it was possible to buy an abandoned cottage in the Scottish Highlands for £30,000. That same cottage today could set you back £150,000, and that’s before you factor in the costs of the property.

To put it another way, buying an isolated or derelict property practically anywhere in Scotland requires a much larger budget than in previous years.

How to find abandoned property for sale in Scotland

Most derelict property in Scotland is not listed with an estate agent. This means that in many cases, it pays to go to the part of the country you’re interested in and drive around looking for abandoned houses or barns that could be converted, then find the owner and make a proposal.

In Scotland, many farms and estates have derelict buildings that have remained in the same state for decades.

When it comes to the property market in Scotland, try to avoid areas that have become overpopulated. Looking for vacant houses on the Isle of Skye, for example, is unlikely to yield positive results.

This once-isolated part of the Scottish highlands has become known for its exorbitant property prices, primarily due to people from the south of the country purchasing available properties in the Skye area.

Frequently Asked Questions about derelict Property in Scotland

Can I buy property in Scotland if I don’t live there?

Yes, anyone, including foreign nationals, can buy property in Scotland, and there are no restrictions on ownership.

However, it is important to remember that if you intend to buy a second home in Scotland, such as a holiday home, you may have to pay higher rates of council tax. This is because the Scottish Government is trying to discourage the trend of houses remaining empty for long periods, particularly in rural areas.

For Council Tax purposes, a second home is a property which is no-one’s main residence but which is occupied for at least 25 days a year. Each council has discretion to apply a discount of between 10% and 50% on second homes, or may choose to apply no discount. Job-related dwellings or purpose-built holiday homes must have a 50% discount applied.

Scottish Government on Second homes and unoccupied properties

Where can I find derelict property for sale in Scotland?

In almost any location in Scotland, you can find derelict property for sale. For instance, if you’re looking for a remote cottage, the Highlands of Scotland are the best place to look, whereas if you’re interested in renovating an abandoned, consider searching in one of Scotland’s cities, such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Perth, or Inverness.

Where is the cheapest property in Scotland?

Except for the Isle of Skye, the cheapest property in Scotland is found on Scottish islands such as Orkney, the Western Isles such as Lewis and Harris, and remote parts of the west coast.

The best deals on cheap property in Scottish cities can be found in Aberdeen and Dundee, though larger cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh still have a large number of derelict and empty properties.

Auction property in Scotland

Attending a property auction is an excellent way to find good quality derelict property for sale in Scotland. You might be surprised by the quality of abandoned houses and vacant properties sold at Scottish property auctions, and if you go to one in the right area, like Inverness in the Scottish Highlands, you have a better chance of finding something suitable.

Property auctions in Inverness are surprisingly popular. Given the dramatic rise in Scottish property prices over the last two decades, don’t be surprised if that half-ruined cottage sells for much more than you expected.

Before making any purchasing decisions, take your time to consider the type of property and the area in which you would be willing to live.

Is there any land available for free in Scotland?

The prospect of claiming free land or buying very cheap land in a very isolated area often goes hand in hand with searches for abandoned properties to renovate. There are many country estates in Scotland, and there is very little unregistered land for sale.

However, if you come across a piece of land that you believe has no owner, it’s worth contacting the Scottish land registry to broaden your search.

You must make all reasonable efforts to contact any owner, and there are a number of organisations that can assist you in determining who owns an abandoned property and advise you on how to claim an abandoned home that has piqued your interest.

Keep in mind that the laws in Scotland are unique and strictly enforced, so make sure you follow them at all times.

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