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Cheap Property For Sale UK

Find out some of the best ways to find cheap property for sale UK, including property auctions, rural properties for sale, derelict and even abandoned properties for sale

abandoned property in Scotland


Abandoned Property For Sale Scotland

Investing in abandoned property for sale in Scotland can be extremely profitable. With many derelict properties, isolated cottages, and abandoned churches available

Kinmel Hall - Aerial photo


Abandoned Mansions for sale UK

Although a few abandoned mansions have been converted into modern apartments, the majority of them are still boarded up and waiting for a buyer to restore them to their former glory.

Empty property


What is Derelict Property?

Find out what defines a derelict property, why empty homes are bad, and how they can negatively impact local communities and property prices

derelict property


Derelict Property For Sale

Derelict property for sale in the UK. Our website lists derelict property, renovation property, abandoned property and empty property for sale.

Rural property


Rural Property For Sale

Rural properties for sale include country property, windmills for sale, water mills, derelict properties and other rural properties for sale.

unoccupied property insurance


Unoccupied Property Insurance

Unoccupied property insurance provides cover against fire, floods and other accidents in derelict property. Find the best vacant property insurance.

abandoned property in Scotland


Property For Sale UK

We provide valuable information for anyone looking for a property for sale in the UK. Find out more before buying derelict property.


Derelict or Abandoned Property

Buying derelict, empty or abandoned property for sale can be a daunting experience. To find out how to start on your property buying adventure read our helpful derelict property articles.


Barns For Sale

Barns for sale is another interesting way to convert or renovate property and appeals to those looking for derelict property for sale. View all our barns for sale.