Barns For Sale

Barns for sale is another interesting way to convert or renovate property and appeals to those looking for derelict property for sale. View all our barns for sale.

If you are searching for a derelict property for sale or a renovation property you may be interested in another popular form of property conversion that has taken hold in the UK, which is the increasing number of people looking for – barns for sale.

A barn conversion can be a beautiful place to live and often provide much more room than a conventional house which is usually because the barn is larger to start with and was not constructed with residential accommodation in mind. Finding barns for sale can br tricky at the best of times, but if you have your mind set on converting a derelict property or renovating an abandoned property, then include a barn conversion in your searches.

Buying Barns For Sale

LocationBarn DetailsPrice
OxfordRoughly 80 sq. feet. Timber build with concrete floor£25k
Lake District120 square feet, Brick and concrete build£35k
Leeds50 sq. ft near to town centre. Insulated.£55k
BathLarge 250 square foot barn in Bath.£180k

Empty Barns For Sale

Barns come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so when searching for a barn for sale its worth viewing the different types. Often people looking for renovation properties or derelict buildings are doing so because they want a stone building, possibly something cottage sized, and usually a country property is most appealing. However, there are lots of stone barns for sale, and they are always in the country so the concept of a barn conversion fits in perfectly with that particular type of buyer.

Wooden barns are often much larger and have the benefit of more floorspace but come with their own set of problems. A wooden building can be difficult to convert, so many building projects that start as barn conversions end up rebuilding the property rather than converting it.

Empty barns for sale are often available at property auctions, so if you do attend these and are actively looking for auction property then a barns for sale should also be a consideration. However buying a derelict barn to turn into your home has a number of pitfalls and sometimes these are overlooked by house hunters eager to purchase something they would like to live in, such as a rural property.

Planning permission has to be obtained for your barn conversion and this may be more difficult than you imagine. Of course, if you purchase an empty barn with outline planning permission then this isn’t something you need worry about, but most empty barns for sale do not come with planning permission.

Buying A Barn For Sale

Another issue which often rears its head when buying a barns for sale is the location of the property. Being a barn the chances are it will be located on a farm and probably a working farm. You should bare this in mind if you are planning to live there. Farms can be noisy and farmers often start very early in the morning. Not only that but there is the noise from machinery, cattle and other farm animals, possibly smells from silage or manure, all adding to your life in your new home.

If you convert a farm building for sale then you aren’t really in a position to complain about these things after all, it is you who has moved there. Think about these things before buying an empty barn or other agricultural building for sale.

Access to your property is another factor and look into this carefully even if the barn has planning permission before purchase. The last thing you want is a dispute with the farmer over access to your buildings. Normally you would think if there was an agricultural building for sale the access would already be sorted out but this is not always the case. You may have to share access with the working farm which canmean a muddy road up to your building or you may even have to share costs of maintaining the road. Make sure you talk to the seller or property agent about this before you buy your agricultural building.

Barn Conversions

All the above advice aside, buying and converting a barn for sale can be extremely rewarding and you could end up with a beautiful home for your family with much more room than a conventional house. It’s a lot of work converting an abandoned building and after many months of dealing with planning authorities, building contractors and estate agents it can be tiring and demoralising. However, if you keep focused on the conversion and renovation of the agricultural building you have purchased and moreover, remember the feeling you first had when you first saw the barn for sale and imagined it as your home, it will help you focus and finish the job. Barn conversions can be very expensive so allow for the right budget and a contingency fund in case your building costs exceed your expectations.